Astrological Remedies For Happy Married Life

Lal kitab Astrological Remedies for Happy Married Life


Friendship, love and marriage, everybody dream of having the best relation with their loved ones but only a few are able to actually share a beautiful bond with their partners. Marriage is one such sacred agreement in which a man and a woman enter through mutual trust and agreement to respect and love each other till the end of their lives. Any discord in this relation leads to tension, hatred feeling and sorrow.

Lal Kitab is known as the wonder book of astrology, it has many unique measures that will help you solve various problems and live your life happily. The upayas or remedies written in this book are simple, strong and extremely powerful that will help you get 100% results. Moreover the remedies written in Lal Kitab do not require a person to achieve sidhi over the mantra nor is the person required to undertake expensive rituals. Rather he can live a happy and peaceful life by adapting to these remedies.

Lal Kitab Remedies for a Peaceful Marital Life

Get in touch with us and we will help you know more about vashikaran mantra that will allow you to live a peaceful and happy married life. Through these remedies, you can also get your lost love back or attract a person you desire. These mantras are really simple and can be performed even at home. For best results, you should consult pandit ji first and know more about the upaya in detail.

Mantra: ऊँ गं गणपतये नमः ||

Lal Kitab Upaya To Get Husband Back

Do you think that your husband has strayed out of the marriage? Do you think he has been trapped by another woman? Do you people always end up in fights? Well, if yes, use the lal kitab mantra and control your husband. The lal kitab remedies will help you get your love lofe back on tracks.

Totke – Take some hair from your husbands choti on the midnight of Thursday or Friday and keep them at a place where he cannot find them. By simply doing this, you will be able to see improvement in his behavior. After 3 or 4 days, throw these hairs out of the house, but make sure that he does not come to know about it.

For a blissful marriage you can even choose to follow the below written procedures. After the marriage ceremonies are solemnize, fill a yellow metal tumbler generally made up of gold with ganga jal and mix turmeric powder in the water. Next put a copper coin in it and encircle it over the brides hear seven times before spilling the content of the tumbler in her path. This shall ensure that her married life will be filled with happiness and the couple shall live together forever.

To make sure that the bride gets everlasting love and affection from her mother in law, the bride to be should take 7 raw turmeric pieces 4 days prior to her wedding along with 3 copper coins and some saffron. While tossing this bundle in the direction of her new home, she shall beget everlasting affection. Opt for these remedies and live a happy married life.

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